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whatsapp As-it-happens update ⋅ 9 August 2018 NEWS WhatsApp messages and usernames can be faked, researchers find CNET Check Point Software Technologies found that hackers can create an altered version of the WhatsApp app and change a quoted message, one that is ... WhatsApp security loophole allows hackers to manipulate messages, spread fake news - Business Today WhatsApp: Check Point's Flaw Findings Don't Merit Patches - Flaw found in WhatsApp? - Financial Express Full Coverage Flag as irrelevant WhatsApp security snafu 'could allow message manipulation' The Register Researchers have uncovered security shortcomings in WhatsApp that create a means for hackers to intercept and manipulate messages sent in both ... WhatsApp officially rolls out message forwarding limit for users in India - WhatsApp Officially Marks The Message Forwarding Limit In India To Five Chats - Inc42 Media WhatsApp's new business communication tools open a new chapter in chat marketing - Full Coverage Flag as irrelevant After Blue Whale, it is Momo Whatsapp Suicide challenge that's risking your teens Times of India Following in the steps of the Blue Whale challenge that took over a hundred lives, a new unsettling game is now spreading on the social media ... Police warn against scary WhatsApp profile "Momo" - The Tennessean Parents warned of 'Momo Challenge' on WhatsApp linked to suicide - WXYZ Not 'Kiki challenge', 'Momo' WhatsApp 'suicide game' would make you worry about your kid - Times of India Full Coverage Flag as irrelevant Twilio Makes WhatsApp Available Inside Any App Forbes Twilio is a company that has made headlines before, often as a result of its earnings and IPO potential. Other reports have also spent time looking ... Flag as irrelevant What's up with Whatsapp? eSchool News In an age where students seem to be attached to tech, why not take that as an educational opportunity? With WhatsApp being such a popular ... Flag as irrelevant Hackers could spoof WhatsApp messages, sender names SC Magazine "The issue of WhatsApp chats being spoofed highlights a huge problem for the future: we have to be able to trust that our smartphones and the clouds ... Flag as irrelevant How WhatsApp and SMS are being used to save the lives of babies in Africa The Guardian By providing vital maternity services via mobile phones, innovators such as Jacaranda Health are transforming childbirth survival rates in Kenya. Flag as irrelevant See more results | Edit this alert You have received this email because you have subscribed to Google Alerts. Unsubscribe | View all your alerts Receive this alert as RSS feed Send Feedback



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